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Out of Duty? by Mackenzi Faithe
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A week after she turned Logan down, she has a whole new reason to need him. But will he take her back for the right reasons? Post Series.

Disclaimer: All stories, original characters and plots archived herein are property of their respective owners and authors. Gilmore Girls and it's characters are property of Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions and Hofflund/Polone in association with Warner Bros. Television. No copyright infringement intended.

I sat in my room feeling lost and lonely. He wasn’t with me anymore and I was left feeling dizzy and vaguely ill. I stumbled over to the fridge and grabbed something, anything, to settle my stomach. Maybe I was just getting sick. Then I looked down.

"Crap" I said to no one in particular. I wanted to scream. I turned Logan down a week ago. A fricking week. And now I was holding an apple with a bite missing. I hate apples. I'd rather light myself on fire than eat one of those vile nutritious... things. "Maybe it's nothing, just a fluke. I've had cravings before, like that one for coconut and dark chocolate. I ate Mounds bars for three weeks straight. But never fruit alone. And does coconut even count as a fruit when it is dried and covered in sugar? Mom said the last time she ate an apple was when she thought she was pregnant, but that was just a fluke! Ha. Fluke rhymes with Luke. Luke. Coffee," I bolted up from the dining room chair. "I need coffee! That will help me think!" I grabbed my purse and ran to the diner.

"Luke. Coffee." He turned around, nodded, and poured me a cup. He knew never to deny a Gilmore her coffee.

"Are you holding an apple?" he questioned and I realized I was still gripping it for dear life.

"I... uh... yeah..." I managed to stammer out.

"Huh, Rory eating an apple not slathered in caramel. Good! It was time that you Gilmores started to listen to my health advice." He smiled at me, obviously proud of himself.

"Thanks for the coffee!" I got up and ran out.

"You're welcome..." Luke yelled after her before resuming his cleaning. 

I ran down the street right to the inn, coffee and apple in hand. I tripped on the carpet on my way in and the elixir of life jumped from my cup onto Michel's shirt. I got up and kept running until I got to the kitchen. "Mom, I ate an apple." I announced as soon as I spotted her in her usual position: the coffee maker. The kitchen went unusually quiet, mom spun on her heel and Sookie did the same. "I ate an apple and spilled coffee on Michel and now my cup is empty and it looks sad." I babbled. Wow. I was seriously on a role with the whole babbling thing.

Mom snatched the "unhappy" cup from me and filled it to the brim. She handed it back and slurped it until it was halfway gone. I heard quick footsteps heading toward the kitchen and I ran and hid behind Mom. "Mommy, don't let that mean Frenchman eat me." 

She patted my head and laughed before standing in a mock linebacker position. I didn't care, I really didn't want to be mauled by an angry Michel for ruining his shirt, or knowing his ability to exaggerate, his life. 

"Lorelai!" his thick accent made me cringe. "Lorelai! That little devil of a daughter you have ruined my brand new shirt! I was going to wear this to the Celine concert next week! She was going to see me in this shirt! Rory! You've ruined my life!" He was out of breath at the end of his rant and I smirked and thought Okay. Who called it? Me. That's right. Me. During my inner monologue, he spotted me. "I see you. You little devil you. This is so much worse than messing with my post-its. Lorelai!" He finished with a stop of his foot. 

Mom laughed. She actually laughed, which made the situation so much better. Michel's face turned even redder than before. "Look Michel," she managed to squeak in between gasps. "She tripped. And I will buy you a new shirt. Now go back to work." He stormed out mumbling something about potential coffee burns.

"Thank you. Can we talk now?" I asked sheepishly. She nodded and we walked home. 

When we got there and made coffee, we sat down on the couch. "So, Rory, you ate an apple. Do you think it is... well... the only reason we eat apples?" I nodded and she sighed and slumped into the lumpy couch. I followed suit.

Before very long, I ran to the bathroom and came back looking pale. “Mom, what am I going to do?”

After five minutes, Mom suddenly jumped up and stood in front of me. "I've got it. You and I will raise the baby. Just like I raised you. Except it will be you and me. And the town! Oh Rory, the town will help! We don't need Logan. It'll be you and me and this little one against the world."

I just looked at her as the thoughts swirled around my head. "How can you think that? I need him now more than ever!" I shook my head in an attempt to send the thoughts flying, but to no avail. I didn't want to think anymore. I once found solace in my mind, but that day I just wanted to be numb. To pretend I didn't turn Logan down, and this baby might be okay.  I wanted to run, but I couldn't even move myself out of the couch. 

"Can we just make sure I'm even pregnant? I just want to be positive before I make any decisions." I paused and cracked a small smile. "Positive. Bad wording on my part. " 

Mom knelt down and squeezed my hand. "Sure kid. Hey, want to get some coffee on our way?" She asked in an attempt to cheer me up.

I nodded before my face froze. "Oh! Shoot! Luke saw me with an apple this morning! He thought that I was 'finally started to listen to his health advice.'" I quoted, mockingly. 

"Fool. Don't worry sweets, we'll get some cheese fries to go." She giggled as she grabbed her purse and walked to the jeep.

I followed and climbed into the car. "Good! I'm starved. I actually ran to the inn." Lorelai whipped her head around to stare at me, mouth hanging open. "Yeah, I know! Mom, I'm going crazy!"

"That can't be good for you.,” she stated as she threw the car into gear. After our coffee and cheese fry run, Mom announced we were going to the furthest drug store possible, to avoid the suspicion of the other Stars Hollow denizens. Half an hour later, we were sitting in the parking lot of a particularly sketchy-looking Quickie Drug. "Mom, you must be kidding me." I pulled my eyes away from the dirty looking neon sign to glare at my mother who was grinning. "You're evil. I knew there was a reason we passed all of those stores that looked just fine! You were looking for the worse possible one!" Mom added nodding to her grinning. 

"That is exactly why I picked it! There is no chance anyone actually comes here! No one would be caught dead at a Quickie Drug. Plus, the irony just kills me." I looked at her quizzically. "Aww, come on, I know that this possible little one wasn't made by you two staring at each other." She laughed at my reaction.

I grabbed her hand and she stopped. "Oh, you are so going in with me."

"Who'll drive the getaway car? Hm? Seems you have forgotten something. Now go."

I shook my head and walked in. It was surprisingly clean. I spotted the sign that read "Pregnancy Tests" I darted to the isle, grabbed four different kinds of pregnancy tests, paid for them, and darted back to the car. "Hit it." I stated dryly. She laughed and pulled out of the parking lot. 

As soon as the car came to a halt in the driveway, I snatched the bag and darted inside. The entire trip, Mom forced me to drink water saying- a little too cheerfully for my tastes-"You can take all the tests at one crack, because I am way too impatient to wait between them." So by the time I got to the bathroom, I felt like I was going to explode. Two minutes later I was sitting in the bathroom surrounded by pregnancy tests of every shape and color. It really was strange how some liquid on a piece of plastic could determine my entire future. As I looked around the room a few minutes later, the results showed. It didn't matter if words showed up, or it turned a different color, or if lines appeared, they all meant the same thing: I was pregnant.

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