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Simple Things is What My Heart Beats For by newyorkace
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Track #2: Based on lyrics from "Baby It's You" by JoJo. Logan plans a special, surprise evening for Rory. This isn't episode-based, but it takes place somewhere between the Logan/Rory/Jess debacle and Rory moving in to Logan's apartment.

Category:One Shots
Disclaimer: All stories, original characters and plots archived herein are property of their respective owners and authors. Gilmore Girls and it's characters are property of Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions and Hofflund/Polone in association with Warner Bros. Television. No copyright infringement intended.

Simple things is what my heart beats for, cause that’s me, I don’t ask for more.

Baby, having you is enough.

You ain’t got to buy nothing, it’s not what I want; Baby it’s you.

We ain’t got to go no where, it’s not what I want; Baby it’s you.

It’s not what you got, cause I know you got a lot.

No matter what you do, Baby all I want is you.

After finishing her afternoon classes, Rory grabbed a large coffee and started making her way to the apartment. It was closing in on five o’ clock and she was silently praying that Paris and Doyle had headed out for the night. She had been looking forward to a peaceful evening, cuddled up on the couch with some books. As far as she knew, Logan was having a boys’ night out with Collin and Finn, or at least that’s what their earlier phone call has led her to believe. So it was a spectacular night to divulge in her unnatural study habits.

Or at least that’s what she thought, before she came face-to-face with her apartment door. While attempting to find her keys to unlock the uncountable locks, Rory caught a glimpse of the crisp, white envelope that was stuck in the door frame. It was simply engraved with ACE on the front in very familiar handwriting. The writing, however, wasn’t needed because the nickname was a clear clue as to who had left the note the mysterious note in the first place.

Forgetting about her previous task of opening the from door, Rory dropped her bag and the remaining books on the ground. She quickly, but precisely tore the seal and removed a small piece of paper. She read the words silently to herself.


So you probably assumed that Collin, Finn, and I were going out tonight to involve ourselves is some mischievous activity; and if you did come to that conclusion, I am a very talented actor. Maybe I should ditch the family business after all and venture out to Hollywood. Or maybe not. Either way, I am actually all yours for the night. I know, I don’t compare to the company of your beloved books (and I’m not mocking) but I will try by best to make you enjoy the time you spend with me…as long as you are willing to give me the opportunity to try.

But anyway, why don’t you venture on inside and see what awaits you. I’m sure you’ll like what you find. As for the rest of the evening, you’ll just have to wait and see.



P.S: I’ll pick you up at 7pm sharp (I’ll at least give you that piece of information).

Rory chuckled to herself in the empty apartment complex, amused by his written ramblings. Unfortunately she would be setting the books aside for the night, but was surprisingly okay with that. She picked up her books and her bag, now in a hurry to get inside. Seven ‘o clock only gave her two hours to prepare for a date she knew nothing about; and two hours was nothing to a Gilmore girl under normal circumstances. Plus, according to Logan’s note, there was some sort of surprise waiting for her inside.

She kicked the door open, only to meet a familiar blonde-haired girl, except it wasn’t that of her roommate. “Ah, and the woman of the hour finally appears. You know how to make a person wait, don’t you Rory? I was actually considering sending out a search team,” the pretty intruder exclaimed upon Rory’s arrival.

“Steph, how did you? I mean what are you? Are you my present?” Rory finally spit out her questions after stumbling over her words. It wasn’t that she was disappointed to see Stephanie Vanderbilt standing in the middle of her living room , she was just surprised.

The girl in question put on a mock expression of hurt, “Wow Gilmore, I have to say I’m a little hurt. All I’m trying to do is help a few friends out, but I can tell when I’m not wanted.”

Rory smiled at her theatrics, “Oh, go use the guilt trip on Collin! You know I love you, Steph. Logan’s secretive planning caught me a little off guard and now I’m just confused.”

The simple explanation seemed to be enough because a genuine smile formed on Steph’s face, “Yeah, I tried explaining to Huntzberger that surprising a girl with big, romantic gestures doesn’t work as well as it does in the movies. Then again, when do either of those three stooges ever listen to me?” The two girls shared a knowing smile before Steph finally got to the reason for her presence. “Anyway, I have to hours to get you ready for your big night. And before you ask, because I know you will, I am sworn to secrecy about the events. So no trying to bribe is out of me.”

Rory laughed at Steph’s attempt at a stern look and smiled sweetly, “I promise I won’t try anything smart.”

Steph grinned triumphantly and grabbed Rory’s hand, “Come on! You have to see all the goodies waiting for us in your bedroom.” Before she knew it, Rory was being whisked through the apartment, both girls disappearing behind the confines of Rory’s bedroom door.


Two hours later, and with a few moments to spare until Logan’s arrival, the girls stood in front of the mirror, surveying their handiwork. Oh, and you had to give some of the credit to Logan because Steph hadn’t been kidding when she mentioned “goodies”.

Rory was clad in a knee-length, baby blue dress made of matte jersey. The top of the dress came together around her neck in halter form, and the fabric arrangement that covered her back matched that of the front. Her waist was accentuated by a wide piece of fabric that lay horizontally and tied in the back, effectively proportioning the dress. The bottom flowed out from her waistline loosely, but in a way that highlighted her toned legs. It was far from the most elegant dress in the world, but it still cost quite a penny. That was the simple reason Rory hadn’t brought it home with her on her last shopping trip with Steph, but the girls had talked about it enough in front of the guys. As an obvious surprise to her, it had been in a box on her bed that afternoon and now on her simple form.

Another gift the girls had encountered was the heels that Rory now adorned on her feet. They were, again, anything but Oscar-worthy but they still managed to take her breath away. The dressy shoes were slides in a silver shade that complimented her dress perfectly. A few straps crossed the skin just above her toes in a braided pattern and had just a tint of sparkle to them. One thing was for sure, they would make her mother jealous.

With the help of Logan’s gifts, Steph managed to make Rory look stunning. Her long brown hair framed her face in loose curls and her make-up was done too, high lighting her beautiful blue eyes and giving her a natural looking shimmer. Rory had wanted her hair put up but, in the end, Steph had won that battle as well as how dark to make her eye shadow. Steph definitely knew how to use her eye lashes and power of persuasion effectively.

“I do good work,” Steph proclaimed, grinning proudly at the vision in the mirror, “and in good time, too.”

Rory just shook her head, causing her curls to bounce along her shoulders, “Normally I would argue, but I wouldn’t have a very strong case. So yes, you managed to do amazing work.” The blonde smiled triumphantly, which made Rory consider taking back her words. Sometimes Steph had an ego that could match any of the boys’.

She was about to point of that fact when a faint knocking sound echoed through the apartment. “And I do believe that is my sign to get going,” Steph said, as she gathered up her stuff. “Have fun Sweetie, and call me tomorrow. I want to hear all about this romantic affair Huntzberger has arranged.”

Rory promised to call and gave Steph a hug, thanking her for all her help. She listened from the spot in her room as her friend exited. Greetings were exchanged when Steph let Logan in as she headed out. When she was sure that the blonde was gone, Rory began her short journey to the living room to meet the secretive boy in question.

Upon entering the living room, Rory was met with the handsome sight of the one and only Logan Huntzberger. He was dressed in black slacks and a white dress shirt, covered by a formal jacket; obviously he had chosen to ditch the tie for the night. Tie or no tie, she had to admit that her looked good; but then again, when didn’t he?

She walked over to him and placed a sweet kiss on his cheek. Logan smiled and offered her the bouquet of white daisies her had been holding along with a rectangular box. She took them in her hands gently, “Logan, you shouldn’t…”

Before she could share her protests, Logan leaned in and captured her lips in a sweet, loving but passionate kiss. “You look amazing,” he whispered when he pulled back for a moment of air. It was the truth. The blue dress may have been the greatest thing he had ever seen her in, well aside for nothing but that was totally different. Every curve was highlighted and her eyes seemed to shine an even brighter blue, if that was even possible. He had always loved her in blue, whether is was a old t-shirt she stole from her mom or his light blue work shirt, because she looked stunning. “Now open up your last present.”

Rory smiled at him, using that special smile she reserved only for him. “You don’t look too bad yourself, Huntz,” she retorted sweetly and set the flowers down on the side table. She opened the box and her breath caught in her throat. Inside was a medium-sized, white gold heart on a complimenting white gold chain. Rory lifted it up to analyze it further and she found that ACE was engraved in a simple font on the front.

“Flip it over,” Logan urged as he watched her reaction intently.

She whispered the words quietly to herself as she read off the necklace, “You jump, I jump Jack.” All she could do was look up at Logan, tears threatening to form in her blue orbs. “Logan, I don’t know what to say.” And really she didn’t. She was torn between crying and yelling at him because this was way to much for her to accept.

Logan shook his head and smiled down at her, “You don’t need to say anything. Your reaction is enough for me.” He turned her around and took the necklace from her fingers, and helped her put it on.

Rory sighed, pushing away all her concerns and protests, and wiped away the invisible moisture from her eyes. “So what on earth is s special that you gave up boys’ night for?” She asked, changing the subject and lightening the mood.

Logan laughed heartily, “I know I am a great actor aren’t I? But Ace, give a guy some credit. You don’t think I’m going to break that easy do you? Huntzbergers are…”

“Are men who don’t give in. They know what they want, how they want to get it, and they never fail in either category. It’s nothing I haven’t heard time and time again,” Rory jumped in and finished his tirade for him, “Spare me the old lecture, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.”

With a sigh Logan compromised, “At least I got a good report from Steph, telling me that you didn’t bug her not once. And, well, you didn’t try the pout which is a first.”

Rory looked at him with a new mischievous glint in her eyes, “Hmm, I could…” But she Logan grabbed her had and started pulling her out the door, not giving her the chance to finish.

“Your chariot awaits, Ace.”


A chariot had awaited her, in the form of a black limousine. If she were to put a number to each of the steps of Logan’s romantic evening, that would have been number two. There had been her champagne and candies to entertain them until they reached their final destination. The first step, obviously, was the note and all that came along with it prior to Logan appearing at her door, including the necklace that she now decorated her neck. Step number three would have been the fancy, high class Italian restaurant that the limo had first taken them to after they left Rory’s apartment. Logan had taken her to many nice venues before but for some reason this one seemed to take the top spot.

Two and a half hours later, Logan initiated what she would considered the fourth step in his “plan”. The limo had dropped them off outside a small park not far from Yale’s campus and the two began to take a leisurely stroll. Fifteen minutes into walking, they came to a setting that made Rory’s breath catch in her throat. There in front of them was a small clearing set up for an intimate picnic for two. A blanket was laid out on the green grass, some sort of basket sat on top of it, and fireflies danced in the background.

Rory tore her eyes from the scene in front of her to look at Logan, “Is this for us?”

Logan just chuckled softly at her question. He could hear the amazement, slight shock, and breathlessness in her voice. All he did was silently take her hand in his and led her over to the blanket. “Go ahead, Ace,” he probed, nodding towards that basket. She had eaten quite a large dinner, or at least as large as you can get with a high class restaurant like that, but he could just see the curiosity gleaming in her blue eyes.

Doing what she was told, Rory knelt down on the fabric-clothed ground and reached to open up the picnic basket. Inside she found a container of flan, which Logan knew was her favorite, and a bottle of expensive champagne. She looked back at Logan, a small smile gracing her delicate features, “This is amazing; all of it.”

He nodded and flashed her the trademark Huntzberger smirk, “Yeah, now that you say it, it is.”

After dishing out each of them some flan, and giving Rory the bigger portion, the pair settled in to enjoy their surroundings. Rory sat between Logan’s legs and leaned back against his chest. As she listened to his heart beat in the quiet of the night, she realized that a situation like this was all she really need from him. She didn’t need special flan from the bakery down the street from his apartment, or the fancy dinners; all she needed was to be with him underneath the stars, enjoying each other’s company.

“Logan,” she whispered, lower than she had expected, and let her head fall back against his shoulder as she played with the heart around her neck, “you know I don’t need all this right?”

He turned his head, effectively burying his face in her hair and placing a kiss there as well. “Rory…

” Logan began, but his voice trailed off into the silence of the night as the aforementioned girl placed her lips over his.

Pulling back, Rory met his brown eyes with her blue, “As much as I love this dress, these shoes, the necklace, fun limo rides, and what not, I don’t need it. All I really want is to spend my nights in comfort with you, whether it be a movie marathon or a night at the pub. You don’t have to buy me things and take me special places to with my heart. I’m not the flashy, diamonds kind of girl, Logan.”

Logan laughed pulling her closer to him, and his laugh subsided into a gentle smile. “Rory, I know that and it’s one of the reasons why I love you. You don’t like me for my money or my status. You love me and accept me for me; the guy who has crazy friends, is a part of a secret society, and drives you nuts,” he shared before pausing, smirking at the glare Rory was giving him. It only further proved his point that he could annoy her like the best of them. “But I do have the money and the connections,” Logan continued, and place a soft kiss on her forehead, “so I reserve the right to spoil you with romantic nights like these and gifts like the ones you are wearing.”

Rory closed her eyes and took in his words, “I know you have the money Logan, but…” she countered but Logan interrupted her with another kiss.

“No ‘buts’ Rory, I’m going to spoil you whenever I feel like it. But how about I make a deal with you?” Logan suggested, and when Rory nodded her head he put his offer on the table. “If you promise not to argue with me about surprises and special treatment, I promise not to make it such a big deal like tonight.”

“Okay, I guess that’s fair,” she conceded, leaning her forehead against his. “So how about we see if we can go meet the gang at the pub? I think I have had all I can take of princess treatment for one night.”

Logan smirked at her and decided it was time to lighten up the mood, “Oh we can go to the pub, but you can’t go in that dress.”

“Why not? I thought you liked this dress!” Rory exclaimed, confused. He bought her the dress and obviously thought she looked good in it, so why did suddenly have a problem with her going out in it?

Giving her a stern look, Logan explained. “Believe me, Ace, you look hot in that dress. So yeah, I love that dress, but so will every other guy on Yale’s campus and I do not feel like dealing with guys gaping at my girlfriend all night. So you have to change.”

Rory just looked at him like he had two heads, “Jealousy looks good on you, Huntzberger, but when did you start making all my decisions for me. I think I can handle dressing myself and ogling eyes of guys.” He voice was matter of fact and to the point.

“Fine, will you at least wear my jacket though?” Logan asked, obviously giving her the victory in that battle. It was never wise to argue with a Gilmore girl, and that was only proved by the sly, victorious grin plastered on Rory’s face. And that was a smile he planned on evoking time and time again, even if he had to do it the simple way.




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