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Well Played by Airin
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Summary:Begins the morning after "Not as Cute as Pushkin". Coffee, compliments, brilliant ideas and the all important question, "Who is in the lead?"
Category:Featured Stories, General, The Classics
Disclaimer: All stories, original characters and plots archived herein are property of their respective owners and authors. Gilmore Girls and it's characters are property of Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions and Hofflund/Polone in association with Warner Bros. Television. No copyright infringement intended.
Rory Gilmore opened the door to her room and promptly let out a startled yelp. Expecting an empty hallway, she was met instead by the smiling face of Logan Huntzberger and those of his friends, Collin and Finn. As Logan held out a cup of coffee, Collin and Finn broke into applause. Logan’s grin grew wider as he said, “Well played, Ace, well played indeed!”

Returning his grin, Rory took the proffered coffee and stepped out of her room, closing the door behind her. She inclined her head to acknowledge the applause and asked, “How long did it take you to figure it out?”

As they headed toward the quad, Finn answered for Logan. “Well, for the first five minutes he just stood there, and we were a little worried that we’d have to do CPR, then he starts walking back to our room,”

Collin broke in here “Well, he meant to walk back home, but he was going in the wrong direction…”

“But, once we got him turned around there was only about 45 minutes more of
blind panic before he called his Dad.”

“However,” this was Logan now, smiling even more, “it appears that Richard got to my father before I did.” Here Rory raised her eyes, she hadn’t asked her grandfather to go that far, but Richard Gilmore was nothing if not loyal…and thorough. “So, Dad strung me along for about fifteen more minutes before it occurred to me that I hadn’t heard from you. It suddenly clicked that if you had been mad about our little…skit…then an arranged marriage was sure to have you in quite the snit. I mentioned that to Dad and that’s when the wheels came off the wagon, so to speak.”

“Anyway Gilmore, we just had to come over and congratulate you on beating young Logan here at his own game.”

“Now wait just a minute, Collin, I was not beaten! Ace here arranged for a fine bit of performance art, but she did not beat me.”

Finn and Collin both snorted at this, “Yes, alright Logan. You just keep telling yourself that.”

Rory jumped in as Logan opened his mouth to, presumably, argue his case further. “Perhaps we could call the score even and leave it at that?”

Logan grinned, but his friends shook their head disapprovingly. “Ah, Gilmore, you disappoint us! You shouldn’t give in so easily.”

“Sorry boys, but you know, charity begins at home.”

“Charity! The hell? I don’t need your charity!”

“Wow, Logan. Your voice got really high there at the end, did you know that?”*

“Oh, shut up, Finn.”

The group had stopped outside the Whitney Humanities Center. “Well, sorry Logan, but it’s true. You’re getting a little defensive about Gilmore’s generosity.”

“That is because I do not need Gilmore’s generosity, Finn.”

“Again, Logan, you just keep telling yourself that.”

“In any event,” Collin broke in and pointed his thumb behind him, “this is us, Finn.”

“Ah, yes! The fascinating world of medieval studies awaits!”

“Medieval studies? Is fascinating?”

Finn grinned, throwing his arm around Collin as they headed towards the building. “Yes, Collin, and let me explain why. Have you ever noticed that redhead who sits in the front row…” His voice trailed off as he and Collin got farther from Logan and Rory.

“So,” Rory turned back towards Logan, “What’s Finn’s obsession with redheads?”

Logan shook his head as they started walking again. “I really don’t know…it’s a faze he’s been going through ever since we got back to school. All summer long it was curly haired blonds, but the day we got back he was suddenly all over the redheads.”

“Well,” Rory shrugged, “I guess everyone’s got their moods.”

Logan laughed, “Yeah, I guess. Where you heading?”

“Oh, to the paper, I’ve got some research to do. What about you?”

“I don’t have anywhere to be, actually, no classes until this afternoon. I just came over to congratulate you on a job well done. I guess I can head over to the paper too, put in a few hours, make Dad happy.”

“Has your Dad noticed that you haven’t written anything yet?”

“I’m sure he’s noticed, but he hasn’t said anything yet. I’m sure it’s coming sometime soon though.”

“So, what are you going to do?” They had reached the paper now, and Logan reached around Rory to hold the door open for her. “Thank you.”

“But of course.” He sighed, “I don’t know, Ace, I guess I’ll have to write a story one of these days.” He stopped by his desk and threw his jacket over the back of his chair, perching on the edge of his desk, he watched Rory as she walked to hers.

Reaching her desk she turned around and, smiling, mimicked his posture, perching on the edge of her desk and taking a sip of her coffee. “So, any ideas?”

“Not yet. Care to inspire me?”

She shook her head, “Sorry, I’m having enough trouble inspiring myself lately.”

“What are you talking about? Your stuff is really good!”

“You read my stuff?”

“Of course! I am a member of the Yale Daily News staff, however peripherally, it is somewhat expected that I actually read the paper. And…even if I didn’t read the paper as a matter of course, I’d still read your stuff.”

She narrowed his eyes at him, unsure of the motive behind his complimentary tone. “Why?”

“So suspicious! I assure you, I have no ulterior motive. I can simply recognize good writing when I see it, and I see it in your pieces.”

She nodded slightly, feeling a small blush creep up her cheeks, she wasn’t used to being complimented on her writing by anyone but her mother and, until recently, Dean. “Well…thanks, Huntzberger. That’s nice of you to say.”

He shrugged and stood up to sit behind his desk, “I’m not trying to be nice, I’m just telling the truth. Anyway, you say you’re having trouble finding inspiration?”

She remained seated on the edge of her desk and took another sip of her coffee. “Yeah, I don’t know, it’s just…nothing is striking me, you know?”

He chuckled, “Yeah, I know! I may be a slacker by nature, but believe me if I had any clue what to write about I would have done it by now. All the better to keep good old Dad from enquiring as to how I spend my time. Lucky for you, he was too distracted by your little joke to ask me about the paper when I called him yesterday.”

“Lucky for me?” Rory raised her eyes, “Why should I be worried about what your father thinks of you?”

“Because…if I had walked right into an opportunity for parental harassment I would have made you pay. That you can believe. Of course, I’m going to make you pay regardless, but retribution would have been much more severe if I’d gotten a double whammy.”

“Make me pay? Retribution? Them’s fightin’ words there, boy.”

“You’d better believe it, Ace. If I were you, I’d watch my back.”

She sighed, throwing her now empty coffee cup into the trash and heading towards her chair, “Thanks for the advice, and the coffee, by the way. If I should suddenly be struck by two incredible ideas I’ll be sure to send one your way.”

“I appreciate that. Until then, I’ll just be over here, taking a nap.” He winked and smiled at her. She returned his smile, if not his wink, and settled herself in for a few hours of web surfing, trying to find inspiration for her next story and maybe for Logan too, although she’d never admit that.


Two hours later, Rory still had nothing. She decided to give it up for a few hours and take a break before she had to go to class. It was Wednesday and, like Logan, she didn’t have any classes until the afternoon. Logan, it appeared, was still asleep at his desk. She shook her head as she headed out the door. She had only taken a few steps down the hall when she heard him call her. Turning around she saw him sticking his head out the door. “Hey, did you come up with a brilliant idea for me?”

She shook her head ruefully, “Sorry. Nothing for you, and nothing for me either.”

He grinned and strode towards her quickly, offering her his arm, which she took with a curious smile as they headed outside. “Well, lucky for you I’ve had a brilliant idea for the both of us.”

She couldn’t hide her surprise. “You did? What is it?”

He looked at her gravely, “Dinner Friday.”

She was confused, ‘We should write about Friday’s dinner?”

“No. We should have dinner on Friday.”

“Well, I was planning on it…”

Now it was his turn to look confused, “You were?”

“Well, yeah. I almost always have dinner on Friday.”

He rolled his eyes, annoyed at her for missing his meaning, and annoyed at himself for missing hers. “No, Ace, I meant that you and I should have dinner on Friday. Together.”

“Oh. Oh!” She felt her stomach give a funny little turn; had he just asked her out? “Oh, well…I can’t.”

“You can’t?” He shook his head inwardly. This was unheard of. The last time a girl and turned him down…a girl had never turned him down. He had no idea how to handle this. He was so confused he resorted to repeating himself. “You can’t?”

“No…I have to--“

Having regained his sense of himself, he stopped short, dropping her arm and facing her, “I don’t buy it.”

She was taken aback. “You don’t buy it? You didn’t even hear what I was going to say!”

He shook his head, “Didn’t need to. It’s just an excuse, there’s no reason you can’t have dinner with me on Friday.”

What an arrogant SOB! Was he honestly standing there refusing to believe that she didn’t have any plans for a Friday night? Was he really that pig headed and conceited? She opened her mouth about to retort hotly when she noticed the small, expectant arch of his eyebrows. He was waiting for her response. He was baiting her! Well, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. He wanted to have dinner Friday? She’d give him dinner Friday! She sighed, pretending to give in. “You’re right.”

“I am?”

“Yeah, I don’t have plans Friday night. I was just saying that because…I don’t know why I was saying that. Sure. Let’s have dinner on Friday.”

He was startled by her yet again. He’d expected some sort of hotheaded retort, setting off a nice lively debate, or at least round of insults, at the end of which he would of course convince her to have dinner with him anyway. He hadn’t expected her to just give in like that. All this was running through his head as he said, “Well, great. Should I pick you up around 7?”

She smiled, “Actually, you know what? I have a great idea for where we should go. Why don’t I pick you up? And…let’s make it 6:30, okay?”

He nodded and they wandered outside, prepared to head in their separate directions. “Fine by me. I’ll see you Friday at 6:30.”

She grinned, a little too smugly for his taste, and turned her back on him, heading towards the library. After she had taken a few steps, she turned around and called to him “Oh, Huntzberger?”

He spun around at the sound of her voice, “Yeah?”

“Dress nice. People will be sure to notice if you don’t.” With that, she gave a slight wave of her hand and set off again, the slightly smug smile of before turning into a full-blown grin now that he couldn’t see her. If the score after last night was even, she was going to make sure that the score after Friday night showed her well in the lead.

Author’s End Note:

* There is some debate over whether or not I borrowed this from Aaron Sorkin, if so then I thank him.
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